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During todays press conference, Mayor Dee Margo of El Paso, Texas, wanted to remind residents of the following:

  • For seniors, there is no charge or insurance required for COVID-19 testing. However, you must meet the criteria of having a temperature of 99.6, or higher. If you meet the criteria you may make an appointment by calling 915-494-0982. You will be required to have a doctor’s order for testing.
  • As of today, 268 tests have been conducted at the drive-thru testing site. Eight-three were conducted today. The CDC allots El Paso County 250 tests per day.
  • All recreation facilities are closed.
  • Parks and trails remain open to the public but observe social distancing orders while you are out there. Choose less populated parks and trails and avoid crowded parking lots. Wash your hands before and after each visit.
  • Keep children away from playground equipment as the virus can live on surfaces for hours or even days.
  • The Texas Attorney General has deemed gun stores as essential.

Dee Margo also reiterated what the public is permitted to do under the Stay Home, Work Safe order. These include:

  • You can perform tasks essential to the health and safety of you, your family or household members.
  • You can obtain necessary items for you, your family or household members. Or deliver those supplies to others.
  • You can go to work at an essential business. Or work at home for a non-essential business.
  • Care for a family member, or pet in another household.
  • Engage in outdoor activity if the individuals comply with the social distancing requirements.

“So,” said Mayor Margo, “what is still open?”

Government and healthcare facilities, transportation, grocery stores, food banks, convenience stores/gas stations, take-out/drive-thru and delivery of restaurants, maintenance services, animal services, banks, the post office, laundromats/laundry services, hotels and motels, IT services, cemeteries and funeral homes.

Churches can still conduct services via teleconferencing.

Media providers.

Providers of necessities to economically challenged individuals and communities.

“If yours is not an essential business,” said Dee Margo, “you are not permitted to go to work, and your employer is not permitted to require you to attend except to complete minimum basic operations.”

By minimum basic operations the Mayor clarified to say that is for security and what it takes to facilitate employees can work from home.

“We are operating under a voluntary compliance,” said Mayor Margo. “If we have problems related to voluntary compliance there will have enforcement.”

As KDBC has reported, and as San Eli News has also learned, people are being stopped by El Paso Police offices who are asking where drivers are going.

You can see the press conference blow.

El Paso County: 30 COVID-19 Cases-News, Sports and More from San Elizario, Texas-San Elizario News

Five new cases of Coronavirus in El Paso County, Texas. The number of COVID-19 cases in El Paso County now stands at 30. This afternoon the City of El Paso Department of Public Health (DPH) reported five (5) new confirmed cases. DPH officials say with more testing available the increase in cases does not come as a surprise.

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