Taking Fourteen Days

For the next two weeks, San Eli News will not be on location for any interviews, stories, news gathering -or out in public. I was around individuals who have travelled outside of El Paso and have decided to return to work rather than self-isolate. Out of an abundance of caution, I will stay home, just in case. –

The State of Texas and El Paso County have advised that if you travel out of your city for any length of time, you must self-isolate for two (2) weeks. You must self-isolate. There are no exceptions to the rule.

It bothers me that younger individuals have adopted the attitude that the Coronavirus will only have an effect on the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions what these individuals are not thinking of anyone other than themselves.

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It can take anywhere from two to fourteen days before you begin to show symptoms. During that time, not know if you are infected or now, you could unwillingly pass the virus on to others. Imagine, being so uncaring. What would these people do if they give it to their grandparents or other older relatives?

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Think about others! Remember, we are all in this together. If you have been out of town, stay home. If you are feeling under the weather, stay home. Also, check on your elderly relatives and neighbours; they may need our help.

Information from the National Institutes of Health can be found here.

I am praying for everyone, and please pray for me.

Pax et Bonum,

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