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El Paso: Third Case of Coronavirus

Less than 24 hours after the second presumptive positive case of COVID-19 was announced, the City of El Paso Department of Public Health (DPH) is reporting the third positive test result for COVID-19 in El Paso County, including Fort Bliss. (As per CDC guidance cases will not be considered presumptive positive and simply be referred to as cases.)

The patient is a female in her late teens who recently traveled abroad. She is currently recovering at home. Results of that investigation will be used to identify any close contacts who may have been exposed by the patient and determine whether any further testing of close contacts needs to take place.

“As more El Pasoans begin to qualify for testing, we will begin to see more presumptive positive cases,” said Angela Mora, Interim Assistant Public Health Director. “While we wish we didn’t have more positives, it is a good sign that the system in place is working and that we are being effective in helping to prevent the spread of this disease.”

The public is reminded that COVID-19 is not an airborne disease and is spread primarily via coughs and sneezes of those already infected. Preliminary information about COVID-19 shows that about 80 percent of cases are mild and most people do not need hospitalization. However, older adults and people with underlying health conditions like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes are at a greater risk of complications.

DPH officials continue to urge residents to follow prevention measures and stay up-to-date with the latest information by subscribing to both the City and DPH social media platforms, and to visit http://www.EPHealth.com or Referral Center is available 24/7. Callers can dial 2-1-1 and select option six for more information

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