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Habitat for Humanity: Playhouses

Playhouses to offer hope and connections within the community will lead to new homes for those in need.

This past weekend my wife and I found ourselves out at the El Paso Convention Center and the annual Home Show. There were boots and venders of all stripes and ideas for what to do around the home were plentiful.

My favourite booth? The one set up by Habitat for Humanity. Not only did I learn of their newest project, but we met the coolest dog, Biscuits.

We all know Habitat for Humanity for the homes they build and the work they do both on the local level, and internationally. Here in El Paso, they also have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

The ReStore, located at 11220 Rojas Drive, Suite B-6, receives donated items from El Paso residents and businesses. Those items, if suitable, are used in one of their builds; other things sell within their store at a lower than retail price. The profits made from those sales are then put back in the community.

Not only was Habitat for Humanity at the Home Show telling others what they have to offer, but they were also talking about their new Playhouse project.

According to Nancy Gomez, the Playhouse project is “a program that provides the opportunity for your organization to demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility and civic engagement in a very public way, right here in El Paso.”

Sponsors contribute a tax-deductible donation of $2,500 per playhouse to cover the cost of materials and support Habitat for Humanity of El Paso’s work in the community, like building homes for those in need.

The playhouses are then donated to a qualifying family or group.

For Habitat for Humanity and those receiving the playhouses, it’s a win-win situation. By helping to build the playhouse, you are not only supporting the mission of Habitat for Humanity but are also forging bonds within the community. You are helping families and individuals who are often forgotten or overlooked by many.

This program brings hope to families and children. So, how do you get involved?

“You can become a sponsor by contacting out Affiliate office,” said Nancy Gomez. “Sponsors will be shown recognition by having their name and logo on the Habitat for Humanity El Paso website, on their social media as well as in a press release to local media.”

What is unique about this, like I said, is the ability to forge bonds with members of the community. Sponsor and volunteers will help to build the house, including placing the shingles on the room to painting the completed playhouse.

With the summer rapidly approaching this would be a good project for a business, church youth group, or anyone looking to add to their skill set.

Like Nancy Gomez, I hope this is a project that catches on within El Paso County.

I left Nancy with the final thought.

“Habitat for Humanity El Paso is looking forward to working with the organizations to get these playhouses to families and bring happiness to the children that will be playing in them,” said Nancy.  “We believe this will be a successful program for the entire community.”

For more information, reach out to the local Habitat for Humanity Affiliate by calling 915-755-6633.

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