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UPDATED: I’m Sure Your Parents Are Proud

Respect is not expressed or earned by tagging personal property or community property. That’s not how it’s done. Whoever did this has not earned respect. They’ve simply shown that they do not care about anyone.

This is an editoral.

Updated 6 March 2020 at

Imagine waking up one morning only to discover that someone decided to tag your garage door, your car, or anything on your property. How would you feel? It would anger you, right?

Now, imagine someone doing that in your neighbourhood or community, how would you feel? You should be equally angry.

If you’ve driven in and out of San Elizario on Alameda, then you’ve undoubtedly seen the city limits marker on the side of the road. Well, someone decided the right thing to do was deface community property.


Growing up in the ’80s, I remember various gangs tagging areas to show that they someone belonged to them, the gang. I’ve never understood that logic. I’ve never understood someone taking a can of paint and defacing anything in this way. It’s disgusting.

Still, I’ve driven past city limit marker several times and just wonder about the mentality of anyone who thinks this is okay.

It’s not your property; it belongs to someone. If you feel the need to tag something, tag your own home – and see how your parents like it.

What have you accomplished?


Well, I’m wrong. You’ve managed to show us that you have zero respect for other people’s property. You’ve shown us that you care less how the City of San Elizario looks to those who visit us from different parts of the country, or world. You’ve shown us that you are an [censored].

Yes, I’m angry about it. We should all be outraged.

San Elizario is our home, our community. To many of us, it is an identity. Why should we allow anyone to come into our home and deface it? Why would we let anyone cheapen who we are? We shouldn’t.

One can hope that whoever did this will be caught. Maybe if they have to clean graffiti off buildings for a few weeks, they might just learn to appreciate what it means to be part of a community.

We did visit with Dolores Lopez of Code Compliance for the City of San Elizario, and she told us that the graffiti would be removed on Friday, 6 March.

El Paso Graffiti Wipeout is removing the unsightly mess.

If you see other graffiti around San Elizario, you are encouraged to contact Dolores Lopez at 915-974-7037. You can also call the El Paso County Graffiti Hotline at 915-533-3434

El Paso County Graffiti Removal was out this morning and did a fantastic job removing the nonsense that was scrawled on the San Elizario city limits marker.

Remember, if you feel the need to grab a can of spray paint and tag something up, make sure it’s your house and not someone else’s property.

Again, if you see graffiti around San Elizario, you are encouraged to contact Dolores Lopez at 915-974-7037. You can also call the El Paso County Graffiti Hotline at 915-533-3434.

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  1. This Definitely makes me angry and yes why aren’t they tagging there own house if they feel the need to tag something .. 💔

  2. Very well said… my family lives there and I visit there often from Illinois… It’s a shame that people do that.. good job in keeping it clean..

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