Primary Election 2020 San Elizario

Final Primary Results

Election results for San Elizario, Texas.

By Steven Zimmerman

The following are the election results from El Paso County that concern San Elizario, Texas. We have also included the Presidential.

As always, for El Paso County, voter turnout was low. There are 470,082 registered voters in the county and only 43,243 voted either early or during Tuesday’s elections. If you don’t vote you cannot make your voice heard. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve never understood why there are so many registered voters, yet so few cast their vote. Every election is important. If you don’t vote, you are allowing others to decide not only the fate of our county, city, country but your fate as well.

For the elections this November San Eli News will be organizing rides to the polls for those who cannot get there on their own.

We need to vote.

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You can also see where we are getting our reslults by clicking on the party of your choice:

Democrat – Republican

The Texas Tribune has results you my find simply by entering your address. Click here for that online tool.

President (Democrat)

Joe Biden earned 70 delegates with a total vote count of 611,145 at 32.9% of the vote.

Bernie Sanders earned 60 delegates with a total vote count of 556,731 at 30% of the vote.

President (Republican)

Donald Trump earned all 117 Republican delegates with 1,879,758 votes at 94.1%

US House District 23 (Democrat)

Gina Ortiz Jones is the projected winner with 43,811 votes at 66.8%

US House District 23 (Republican)

On the Republican side there will be a runoff.

Tony Gonzales garnered 11,547 votes at 28.1% total.

Raul Reyes earned 9,583 votes at 23.3%

US Senate District 29 (Democrat)

Cesar J Blanco had 59,298 votes.

US Senate District 29 (Republican)

Bethany Hatch 15,762 votes

Texas House District 75 (Democrat)

As Mary E Gonzalez ran unopposed on the Republican side she will remain in office. She had 10,051 votes at 100%

El Paso County Sheriff (Democrat)

Richard Wiles took 37,397 votes at 57.72%. As there was no Republican candidate for sheriff, Wiles will remain in office.

El Paso County Tax Assessor-Collector (Democrat)

This is another race without a Republican candidate.

Ruben P Gonzalez took 44,269 of the votes at 72.38%

County Commissioner Precinct 3 (Democrat)

This will be a runoff

Vincent Perez took 6,202 votes at 41.83%

Iliana Holguin took 14,828 votes at 38.14%

County Commissioner Precinct 3 (Republican)

Randy French took 2,485 votes at 100%

Party Chair (Democrat)

Dora Oaxaca took 33,403 of the votes at 56.71%

Party Chair (Republican)

Rick Seeberger took 10,406 votes at 62.25%

Propositions (Democrat)

All received a yes vote

Propositions (Republican)

All received a yes vote

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