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New Scam in El Paso County

There is a new scam in El Paso County that is aimed at separating you from your money. Protect yourself and your money.

There is a new phone scam in El Paso County and one of our readers, Maria, almost became a victim of it.

“They called me,” said Maria (we are not using her last name at her request). “I know I have a ticket not paid and they said if I didn’t give them gift card payment information, they would come arrest me.”

The way this scam works is you receive a telephone call from an individual who claims to be with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. Once you acknowledge them, they go one to tell you that you have unpaid tickets, warrants for your arrest or that you ignored jury duty.

What happens next is the caller tells you that you need to make a payment right away or turn yourself into the Sheriff’s office to clear up the warrant or fees you owe.

The voice on the other end of the line instructs you to purchase a prepaid card, of different amounts, and provide the numbers on the back of the card to them to have the warrants removed.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office will not call you, nor demand payment over the phone for tickets, –warrants or missing jury duty.

To see if you have an outstanding warrant you may call the Sheriff’s Office at 915-546-2214. You may also visit the El Paso County Case Records Search to see if you have an active warrant as well as the Municipal Court website.

If you have questions about jury duty, you can call 915-546-8102 for more information.

Have these scam artists contacted you? Or, have you given money to them over the phone? If so, you may call the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at 915-832-4408 or the City of San Elizario Marshals at 915-302-2050

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