My San Elizario Family Shines at Senior Night

The Lady Eagles love to dance – during warm-ups and for TikTok

San Elizario, Texas is home. It’s the one place in the world in which I can feel grounded. When my spirit is in an uproar, a few minutes in San Elceario brings a peace that passes all understanding. When I need inspiration for my work, a walk around the historic district will spark my creative juices. Then, when I need a connection to my past, anywhere in San Elizario connects me to generations.

Then there is San Elizario High School. Each student is like family to me. I would go out of my way to help them, teach them – do anything to help them reach their fullest potential. They are my brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters. They are family.

Tonight, I was able to celebrate with the Varsity Basketball team and the Lady Eagles as they reached for the stars and pushed Harmony off-key to a victory.

For the Varsity boys, the final was 63 to 55 with the Eagles coming out on top. The Lady Eagles stomped Harmony 75 to 2.

I was also able to celebrate a milestone in the lives of Arlene, Natalia, Camila, Damian, Eddie, Raymond, and Steve. This was their night; it was Senior Night.

I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS! to the Lady Eagles for winning their fourth Golden Ball!

My family is both growing and getting smaller. They are growing and moving on to the next step in their lives, University.