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Meet the San Eli Cheerleaders

The San Eli Cheerleaders - future leaders and amazing young adults!

We see them at every football game, volleyball match, and other sporting events; but don’t often think much about them.

“I know they are there, I hear them, but I don’t really pay them much mind,” said Brian, a friend of mine who enjoys attending any football game. “I enjoy the sport.”

We are talking about the flipping, jumping, human pyramid building smile bringers known as Cheerleaders.

Ubiquitous at sporting events, they’re always on the sidelines, cheering the team on to a win, and commiserating when the opposing team suffer an injury or lose. And yet, cheerleading is more than just keeping spirits high at games.

Cheerleaders today are ambassadors for both the school and community in which they live. Sometimes they visit children in hospitals. Other times they make the time to conduct food-drives for their communities. Still, others will tutor students who are having a hard time or teach adults how to read–the latter is something I witnessed in New York City that really impressed me.

Here, locally, we have the cheerleading squad from San Eli High School.

Talking with these young men and women has restored my faith in our collective future.

I’ll give you an example:

In the video, which I invite you to watch, you’ll hear the girls mention that they want to visit people in the community and kids in the hospital, to let them know that they are going to be okay. This past week, Claudia shared a Tweet about how the Eagle Ambassadors donated toys to the children’s hospital.

So, sit back and relax for the next fifteen minutes, while you get to know these amazing young adults and future leaders!

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