2-Month-Old Baby Mauled to Death by Family Dog German Shepherd

by San Eli News

In Virginia, an infant’s life ended in a brutal tragedy after the family dog attacked her. The baby was sleeping in an electronic swing beside her parents when the German Shepherd attacked him. By the time the parents woke up, it was already too late.
Parents woke up to ‘a large amount of motion’
Photo: Unsplash
The grisly sight of their 2-month-old baby girl and their German shepherd was the first thing that this Hampton couple saw in the early hours of October 26.
Around three in the morning, the parents of the infant were awakened by a movement in their bed, according to Pilot Online. They were horrified to see their German Shepherd pet on the floor, attacking the defenseless infant.
While his wife called 911 to report the incident, the father took the 8-year-old German Shepherd named Lane outside their home and shot it with a gun.
According to the investigators of the case, the infant sustained injuries that would suggest that it was attacked by a dog. Unfortunately, due to the extensive injuries, the baby passed away just minutes after the attack.

Hampton Fire Division paramedics were summoned to the home and declared the infant dead on the scene.
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Dog had no history of prior attack
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Jakub Hałun
According to the parents of the infant, the dog had no history of aggressiveness and violence in the past. Reports claimed that Lane had never shown any aggressiveness towards family members or even strangers.
Investigators were still trying to figure out what could have ‘triggered’ the German Shepherd to attack the baby. In an interview, Hampton Police Sgt. Amanda Moreland said:
“We think the dog stepped on the bed or hit the bed, and that woke the parents up. It was more than just one dog bite, but it also wasn’t a mauling per se. But also the child was very young, and they’re just more fragile.” 

Some of the neighbors were shocked to find out that Lane attacked someone, describing it as ‘well-trained.’ One of the neighbors, Keith Hinton, claimed he heard the sound of a gunshot around 3 in the morning.
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