2 Abducted Girls Rescued From Home Where 2 Boys Found Dead, Father Arrested

Two girls that were abducted by their father in Kansas were finally rescued by the authorities. Prior to this discovery, two dead boys were also found at the home of the suspect.

Donny Jackson, 40 years old, the father of the two abducted girls, had filed a divorce with the girls’ mother Tara Jackson from the previous year. They were about to meet in court in November.

The two girls, Nora Jackson, 7 years old, and Aven Jackson, 3 years old, have been living back and forth from one relative to another until they were abducted by their father. According to Fox 23, the girls’ relative noticed that one of the two girls did not attend a soccer game.

Photo: Kansas Bureau of Investigation

The girls’ relative in Kansas immediately called the police to report the missing children. What ensued later on were intensive searches in multiple states. An AMBER alert was issued while authorities and family members search for the missing girls.

Finally, authorities were able to rescue Nora and Aven in with their father. Both kids were unharmed.
Before the two abducted girls were discovered, two dead boys were found in the home of Donny Jackson, believed to be the brothers of the two girls.

The identity of the two boys, aged 11 and 14, is still unknown.

According to MSN News, the authorities were able to discover Donny through a routine traffic inspection. The two girls were discovered to be in the vehicle with their father.

The police believed that Donny may have been driving his two daughters to either Arkansas, Oklahoma, or Texas to escape amid the custody dispute. The discovery of the girls brought a big relief to the family, knowing that they are finally safe.

Currently, the suspect is under the custody of the authorities close to Erick, Oklahoma.