15-Year-Old Boy Hailed as Hero for Shooting Abusive Father

A teenager from Columbia County, Georgia, admitted to taking the life of his own abusive father after witnessing years of violence. The suspect, 15-year-old Tucker Gales, will be tried as an adult for killing his father, Wesley Gales.

According to police report, the incident took place at the family home in Appling off Gales Road. Law enforcement authorities responded to an emergency call from the home on the night of October 28.

Upon arriving at the scene, deputies claimed that Wesley was lying in front of the porch with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. By the time the deputies arrived, Wesley had already been dead and his son was the culprit.

During his interview with the investigators, the 15-year-old teen admitted to shooting his father with a .22 caliber Marlin semiautomatic rifle. According to Tucker, he “had enough of his father abusing his mother.”
Son was fed up of father’s abuse

Prior to this deadly encounter, there have been a history of violence and domestic abuse in the household. The Sun reported that Tucker had been exposed to his father’s abusive tendencies when he was just six years old.

The couple had been divorced since 2013, but were still co-habiting after claiming they both have ownership of the house.
Just a few months prior to the shooting incident, Wesley had been sentenced to one year in probation for domestic violence.

His wife Deborah, sustained bruises and marks after being punched and kicked in the head by Wesley.

Officers arrested Wesley in March 11 for cruelty to children and family violence and battery.