14-Year-Old Girl Impregnated by Stepfather, Who Abused Her for Years

After more than twenty years, a sexual abuse case against an evil stepfather had finally concluded.
In 1992, a minor was sexually assaulted countless times by her stepfather, who was 28 years old during that time. The identity of the suspect was not disclosed to protect the victim.
Photo: Daily Mail
The Evil Stepfather
The sexual abuser was the stepfather of the victim. The victim was only 11 years old when her stepfather started raping her. This cycle of abuse went on for five years.
The evil stepfather conducted the act multiple times in their family home in Australia. He also raped her when the family spent a vacation in Bali a year after the initial abuse.
At the age of 14, the girl got pregnant due to the countless incidences of rape from her stepfather.

The pregnancy was kept secret to the public. After a few months, the minor gave birth to a baby boy while she was in a restroom in a caravan park.
Photo: Daily Mail
When the baby was crying non-stop, the girl stuffed tissue paper on the mouth of her baby to stop it from crying. However, the act caused the death of the infant from suffocation.
The baby’s remains were left by the mother in the restroom. It was later discovered by a cleaner in the area. Fingerprints and other pieces of evidence were gathered from the crime scene.
After the birth of the baby boy, the girl was again raped by her stepfather until she was 16 years old. The stepfather only learned about the death of their baby from the news.
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Justice For The Crime
After 24 years, the crime finally will see justice being served. The evil stepfather now faces 8.5 years imprisonment for sexually abusing his stepdaughter.
On the other hand, the mother of the dead baby was found to be the stepdaughter after her fingerprints matched the ones that were collected at the crime scene. The mother is now 39 years old. She was sentenced to 16 months jail time.
Photo: Daily Mail
After the end of the abuse, the stepfather got married to his recent wife. He has three children with his current wife. They were married for 23 years.
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