12-Year-Old Girl Is Caught On Video Speeding Down The Highway In A Truck

by San Eli News
A truck was seen speeding along M1 near Dungannon, Northern Ireland. Although outside observers did not notice anything out of sorts with the vehicle at the time, the situation was entirely different from inside the cab of the truck. Behind the wheel was an unlicensed twelve-year-old girl, putting the pedal to the metal along a busy stretch of road for the hell of it – and now the people responsible for letting the “twelve-year-old” girl get behind the wheel are in for it.

Because the child was steering the massive truck on the busy freeway, the footage went viral. It first appeared on social media on September 13 and has since been widely condemned. While it might have been fun for the child behind the wheel of the massive truck and whoever granted her access to the steering wheel, it terrified the many residents of Northern Ireland who turn to Great Britain to ensure their roads are safe from troublemakers like this.

The footage opens on the truck speeding along behind other vehicles. The roadway is quite busy – which means it is certainly not the time for a preteen to get behind the wheel of the multi-ton truck and give driving a go.

When the camera pans to show that the person behind the wheel of the truck is not a licensed truck driver that would be assumed to be there but an underage child, social media users flew into outrage. Although the child behind the wheel uses both her hands to steer the truck, people want to know why the adult in the backseat let her do it. He was also seated next to another child who was probably itching for their chance to speed along the highways of Northern Ireland and put other people’s lives in harm’s way.

Although the child appears to be in control of the situation (she’s calmly pushing the pedal to the metal), this does not mean she is skilled at what she is doing. This is apparent when the man shifts in his seat, which makes the twelve-year-old girl behind the wheel of the truck take her eyes off the road.

According to the following reports from Daily Mail, social media users like the following demanded action from the police in Northern Ireland to ensure roads were safe once again.

Sean Kearney wrote: “What’s wrong with this irresponsible man’s head?”

Nigel Stroud added: “Just wow! Cab full and no seat belts are bad enough but in the pilot seat too. She looks about 12 FFS.”

“Oh my god, what an idiot,” wrote Ann Gordon.

Social media user, Tom Jacklin, concluded: “Absolute idiot. Not only the fact his underage daughter is driving, but he also has another child on the bed with no belt. Great parenting skills, their buddy.”

Fortunately, the police are taking the safety threat seriously.

“We are aware of footage which has been shared on social media and are making inquiries,” the local police announced.

This is NOT the first time a child was filmed driving a large truck along the same stretch of road in Northern Ireland. Could this be some sort of new internet or TikTok challenge?