11-year-old pregnant girl dies post childbirth after she was raped over two years by 43-year-old man

11-year-old pregnant girl dies post childbirth after she was raped over two years by 43-year-old man

A girl lost her life in Brazil after giving birth to her alleged rapist’s baby. Francinildo Moraes allegedly sexually assaulted Luana Costa before and during her pregnancy. The victim became pregnant at the age of 11 and died soon after giving birth to the child. It has been said that the 43-year-old accused physically abused her since she was just nine.

The Sun reported that the family of Costa alleged that Moraes groomed the girl and made her believe that they were in a relationship. Pictures of the two have also been found by the local police. It has been reported that the minor girl was just five months pregnant when she went into labor. She needed to be induced and on Tuesday, October 27, four days after her delivery, she died.

Costa’s family has said that she faced sexual assault at the hands of Moraes for years. They did not know about the alleged crime until recently they saw changes in the girl’s body and took her to a doctor for examination. There they got to know that Costa was carrying a baby. After that, the girl confided to her family and informed them how Moraes raped her for years. The aunt of Costa also said that the victim was threatened by the suspect to not tell anyone about the abuse as he assaulted her far away from the family’s village. The police said they found numerous pictures of the two on social media that showed them posing as a lovable couple despite the huge gap. Moraes is on the run and police are searching for him.

In another incident, a man from Kansas was arrested for allegedly raping and impregnating a 10-year-old girl after her mother allegedly allowed him to “take turns” with her and her daughter for years. Ronald Dejohnette Jr has been charged with rape of a child under the age of 14, aggravated indecent liberties, and aggravated criminal sodomy. Reports stated that the police were informed about the alleged crime after a midwife contacted them. The midwife reportedly went to the girl’s house to discuss the birth plan, where she discovered that she was just ten. The victim was reportedly in her third trimester and had not seen any doctor during the length of her pregnancy.

As per an affidavit, the child said to the investigators that years ago, her mother had a “discussion” with Dejohnette in which she also participated. After that, a decision was made and both the mother and the daughter had to have sex with the accused. The girl told investigators that two years ago, Dejohnette asked her to “bear his children”. Initially, the victim reportedly said that she was not sure if she was being raped by the 51-year-old man, but later admitted that she lied fearing Dejohnette would be put behind the bar. When Dejohnette was initially questioned, he also denied any wrongdoing and tried to blame another 10-year-old boy for the rape of the victim, but eventually, it was found he was lying. He was then held at a $500,000 bond.

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