An Alabama 11-year-old girl who has kissed hundreds of frogs in search of her prince charming has been hospitalized at Montgomery’s Baptist Medical Center South.

Apparently, the young girl took the story of the frog prince too literally, believing she would eventually find her prince charming by kissing hundreds of frogs.

In doing so, medical staff at Baptist Medical Center South explained that the young girl exposed herself to chemicals that reside in frogs and toads skins’, called bufotoxins, which led her to develop an extreme skin rash over several months.

“Any contact of sexual nature with an animal of the amphibian family, be it oral, genital or anal, is highly discouraged” Dr. Rose Patterson at Baptist Medical Center South warned.

Dermatologist Rose Patterson at Baptist Medical Center South explained that contacts of erotic nature between amphibians and humans can lead to violent skin rashes and allergies if exposed to on frequent occasions.

“We were once forced to remove 24 warts on one patient’s penis and scrotum after he admitted to masturbating while rubbing his genitals with a living toad,” Dr. Rose Patterson told reporters.

The girl’s symptoms have not only spread to her face but also to her tongue, throat, and trachea, heavily impacting breathing conditions according to medical staff.

“The young woman described how she would ‘french kiss’ the animals by inserting her tongue fully inside the frog’s mouth, which could explain the inflammation in the trachea area,” Dr. Patterson added.

In 2018, the Mexican government banned the traditional Aztec practice of licking frogs as a libido enhancer after a nationwide poll revealed that one in two Mexicans practiced frog-licking.