11-Year-Old Boy Jailed for Shooting 6-Year-Old Neighbor to Death

by San Eli News

A quiet neighborhood in Canton, Ohio was shocked following the brutal shooting of a little boy. An underage boy from was taken into the custody of the police after shooting at a neighbor who was only six years old.
Shot While Playing Outside
In September 14, King Pleasant was playing outside his home when he was unexpectedly shot in the chest by his 11-year-old neighbor. He sustained life-threatening injuries and later passed away.
One of the witnesses was Diamond Elder, the mother of the six-year-old victim. During her interview with the police, Elder claimed that the underage child who shot her son was in the driveway near their home.
Photo: Canton Repository
It was eight in the evening when the neighbors reported hearing a gunshot near the area. The neighbors who witnessed the incident immediately called the police.
Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement authorities discovered King lying on the driveway, according to News Cleveland.

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Suspect’s motive still unknown
The family of the victim made sure that the hearing for the incident is pushed through on Thursday. They feel uneasy that the child who killed King Pleasant is still at home while waiting for his trial.
A judge in Ohio decided to detain the 11-year-old minor before his court trial, according to Crime Online.
The underage suspect was charged with reckless homicide for taking the life of King Pleasant. Until now, the motive for the crime remains unclear.
Photo: Canton Repository
Based on the statement of Judge David Nist, the 11-year-old poses a threat to the community. That is the reason why he decided to order the child to be put in handcuffs.

Meanwhile, the minor will be placed in the custody of a juvenile detention center. The information about how the child was able to get his hands on a gun is still undisclosed. The owner of the firearm is still unidentified by the authorities.
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