11-Year-Old Boy Dies After His Father and Stepmother Forced Him to Drink Too Much Water Too Fast Without Food

by San Eli News

Father and a stepmother have been arrested after they forced their young son to drink too much water. According to 11 News, Zachary Sabin died on March 11 from “forced water intoxication.”

The water intoxication was the result of Zachary being forced to drink four 24-ounce bottles of water over a four-hour period without being given any food. After finishing the water, Zachary began vomiting.

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He was found deceased in his bad with foam around his mouth. As 11 News reports, Zachary was forced to drink a large amount of water by his father, Sgt. 1st Class Ryan Sabin, and his step-mother, Tara Sabin, because of his “bedwetting issue.” The step-mom told authorities that they forced him to drink the water because his urine was “really dark and really smelly.”

The 11-year-old reportedly wore a diaper at night because of hereditary medical problems. The stepmom also admitted that her husband often made Zachary drink at least two 32-ounce bottles a day. According to the coroner, Zachary also showed signs of blunt force trauma.

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According to 11 News, it’s believed the signs of blunt force trauma came from the night he died. While drinking the water, Zachary allegedly started to throw a temper tantrum. It was then that Ryan allegedly kicked his son twice before picking him up and dropping him on his head. Ryan then reportedly took his son outside thinking the cold air would help calm his son down.

Originally both Ryan and Tara were charged with his murder. However, as 11 News reports, the murder charge against Tara has since been dropped. Although she is still charged with child abuse, including child abuse resulting in death.

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After the child calmed down and started snoring, Ryan put Zachary to bed at 11:15. At 6:15, Ryan found his son with foam around his mouth and blood in his bed. Ryan still faces first-degree murder. The father’s attorney is arguing “that dying from too much water is not common knowledge, and he didn’t know it would kill Zachary.”